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just a fun little game it starts off with luck but by the end it is about strategy. 

Looks pretty cool. I might try it out.

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i havent actually played the game but this looks pretty promising, by the looks of it the gameplay is probably a simple gambling game and the theme/story is one of those game that looks cute at first but ends up being very disturbing 

edit- I just beat the game and I love this, it was honestly really good how the odds are in your favor, at the start its just luck and common sense but it ends up getting strategic in the end, pretty good overall. Also if the creator is reading then I have a question, is this based off of a IRL game? If so then where can I buy it? It would be so cool to play this with friends exepts with, Yknow? Less guns

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I LOVE U SEIKO <33333 and love this game omg i streamed it. we loved it. rip seiko


Took me a couple of tries, but I won the game! Yay!

im usually not into this type of short games but this shit is addictive, i downloaded it yesterday and its the only game i played for like 12 hours

seiko is ICONIC. pathetic queen.

I might be as stupid as Seiko, because it took me a while to realize I could see the color of the card coming up.

Great game!!! I love your art as always and the music is very fun. The reset button is a BIG quality of life feature. I'm sure the mixing was intended to be actually anxiety inducing but the gunshot was loud enough that I started taking off my headset every time I missed, ehe. I couldn't stop playing until I beat it though and tbh am probably going to keep going at it a bit to see how much I can "perfect" my play (in a game that's literally just luck, lelelelelel)

Motherfucking game, very frustrating, makes you want to break your keyboard after every fail. 10/10 Recommend (Seiko is cute)

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A simple game but effective use of atmosphere that kept me playing again and again. The cute visuals help offset how tense the situation really was. I really liked how Seiko's expressions changed based on how far she got and how long the correct streak was. Thanks for including the list of used cards, it made it easier to work out the odds on the fly.


10/10 "Cute" little game. Girlfriend material, if she like men of course XD

Such a lovely little game! 9/9 stars!

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I have a crush on Seiko now, thanks game.